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eCommerce Funnel Basics

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Are you tired of hearing about how successful funnels are and ready to learn how to implement them in your business?

If you have started an eCommerce shop or are currently running one, you may have heard about funnels.

Sales funnels, email funnels, customer engagement funnels….the list goes on

But none of it makes sense if you have no idea how to actually implement them in your business 

Can you image sales and new subscribers growing each day? How could that change your business?

  • Your email funnels educating and selling to new subscribers
  • Your returning customers leaving reviews and repurchasing
  • Your referral program turning current customers into free sales reps

Your selling happening without you being overwhelmed, unfocused, and distracted

Distracted because you can’t focus on everything all the time which let’s be honest makes you a little anxious and overwhelmed

If this sounds like your current situation or if you never want to be in this predicament then this is the class for you.

This masterclass is built to specifically help eCommerce shop owners 

  • Understand what funnels are (+ Which ones you need)
  • Learn how they benefit you and help you gain some sanity
  • How to implement them right now in your business to start gaining sales and subscribers

Class goes live September 9, 2020 @ 10am 


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eCommerce Funnel Basics
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